• Overview

    Bewcon is a company that has grown steadily and continuously over the period of more than 30 years in the field of contractor for installation of building system engineering until becoming a famous company. The accumulated experience makes us self-trusted in large projects. From both the public and private sectors to take care of the work both high-rise residential buildings, office building, hospital in Bangkok and around country in more than 100 projects.
    Popular words received from customers and partners, which has always been on the Bewcon is “The matter of professionalism in craftsmanship, technical service, delivery of work at the time planned and the price that suits the quality ". The pride that gives us the power to create good work and pay attention to every detail of the work as well as gives customers peace of mind when working with Bewcon.
    The popularity with customers that have always been connected to them is
    "Quality work, punctuality, reasonable price”


01. Electrical and communication systems

02. Air conditioning and ventilation systems

03. Sanitation and fire protection system

04. Design and Build